The gentle world – Makoto Shinkai

22 03 2016

I have only recently discovered the gentle world of Makoto Shinkai. His sweet, rather girly animated movies, are possessed of  a very Japanese charm. Much of this comes from their attention to the details of ordinary life, and particularly ordinary life in Tokyo, rendered in loving, hyper-realistic detail. Anyone who has ever walked through Shinjuku Gyoen for example, will feel pangs of natsukashhhiiii from “Garden of Words”.




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30 05 2016
Nodame Cantabile: encore! | ilbonito blog 2007

[…] In preparation for the new, fourth series of early 2000s anime hit Nodame Cantabile, I have been re-watching series three. The show charts the relationship of a naive and exuberant piano student with her serious “senpai” or senior, with a quirky mixture of otaku obsessiveness (in this case, in relation to classical music), sweetly good natured observations about human nature and that very Japanese sensibility – which I love – of cherishing and appreciating the everday and the mundane. In this it reminds me a lot of “What did you eat yesterday?” and the works of Makoto Shinkai. […]

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