Ainu for dinner tonight?

4 04 2016


Its always fun to spend a lazy afternoon hanging around in Thonglor. One such day I wandered up past the Thonglor Art Space to 1979 Vinyl and Unknown Pleasures to flick through some vinyl and pick up a local indie CD. I met a friend at the Roots Farmers garden, where an expat childrens’ birthday party was in progress and I sipped kombucha in the onsite bamboo hut by the goats and the chickens and then we headed to the Commons for dinner (see above), followed by pandan yadong (Thai hard liquor) cocktails and Cuban music at Studio Lam. And wandering the backstreets, as the late afternoon heat settled and the sun set over the palm trees, as ever in Bangkok, unearthed a few unexpected sights. There was a hipster bar made from shipping crates, a Korean youth hostel, the cute Okinawan restaurant I always mean to try and a restaurant/bar with an Ainu (indigenous Japanese minority) theme. And valet parking. Very Thonglor.




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