Back to the 1970s

21 04 2016

I’ve recently been having a weird fit of nostalgia for the British 1970s. Something has struck a chord with me about that gloomy yet paradoxically colourful period so filled with anxiety at the time – the murmurings of punk, the bottoming out of the British postwar doldrums – and yet also, seen in the review mirror, quite sweet and innocent.

I think the start of it was The Falling, a lush and literal swoon, which I followed up with JG Ballard’s novel High Rise, in preparation for the forthcoming movie.

I’m keeping on, now reading John Wyndham’s 1975 sci fi novel Chocky, which I remember from a British TV adaption in my 1980s childhood, in which the protagonist talks about binary code and yet still retires to his study to write letters before dinner.

Very 1970s.




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