Seventies fetish

4 05 2016


Last night I watched for the first time “Emmanuelle.” The 1974 French ‘erotic’ movie broke records on its release in Paris and turned its star, Dutch model Sylvia Kristen, into a sex symbol. The sex scenes were not that interesting to me (but then I’m not exactly the target market I guess, the men in the movie were resolutely unmemorable) but what I did love was the seventies fashions and the charm of seeing a vintage Bangkok on screen. I had heard of the movie before but never knew that it was set  – and filmed – in  an exotically rendered, soft focus-version of Thailand.

With its Lanna Thai mansions and Chinatown street scenes, vaselined lens and over-dubbed lines, ridiculous plot, even worse dialogue and parade of seventies frocks and interior decor, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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The film was so successful it even spawned a similar, if slightly inferior, Italian imitation in the “Emanuelle” films, spelled with one “m” to avoid litigation.

2011100713033986798_artikel_zpsin33lor6 the_new_black_emanuelle_zpsxhgoykcz





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4 05 2016

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