Two Brothers

4 05 2016


“Two Brothers” is a comic book from Gabriel Ba (who also co-authored the superlative Daytripper) adopted from a well-known Brazilian novel by Milton Hatoum. It tells the age-old story of sibling rivalry, in this case between two Lebanese brothers growing up in 1940s Manaus. Which is interesting, given that Gabriel is a twin.


The story twists and turns through the years, with a surprise ending and a fabulous setting in the steamy Amazonian city – reading it sent me back fifteen years to my own time in the city, waiting for a missing suitcase to arrive and sailing on boats down the Rio Negro, walking past the slums on stilts where little vultures picked through the refuse and children swam in the shallows, and past the gleaming dome of the Opera House, watching the clouds drift over the river and the overripe fruit fall from the trees in the town square, while music played in tacky open-air bars. Good times!





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