All around the world

12 05 2016


Above, poster for WordUp bar in Tokyo. Below, Adria A in Brazil.

13177057_1078794178833511_8212128758760458235_n_zpsdritxcyj img_0916_zps2dnl3zap


Okunte Kinte in Uganda.

screen20shot202016-05-1120at2010-50-0620pm_zpscbka4bn3 cefojgjxiaan2rc_zpsvsapn4kn screen20shot202016-05-1120at2010-47-3720pm_zpswbrbsr0e

And Eko Nugroho in Indonesia.

img_0930_zpspuu0p5cq img_0921_zpsbuak58lq img_0927_zpsv4gbyuqg




One response

10 01 2017
Indon Art | ilbonito blog 2007

[…] The new, privately-funded Museum MACAN, or the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Nusantara ( a rather nationalistic Bahasa phrase for the Indonesian archipelago) is set to open this year in Jakarta. Hopefully it will showcase some of this blog’s favourite Indon artists Eko Nugruho: […]

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