Weekend report

17 05 2016


With Saturday a public holiday, it was a weekend of badminton and Indonesian food in the suburbs, and a stop for a (disappointing) burger at the Lam Tsuen “forest cafe”, a diner parked under a canopy of gnarled trees, alive with jewel-coloured beetles and butterflies but disappointingly right beside a main road, just up the road from Lam Tsuen’s famous Wishing tree.

We found a new hiking route up to the Peak, a “side entrance” up steep steps, splattered with fallen blossoms and looking out over the Lamma strait, skipping over mountain streams and past a waterfall.

We saw Tale of Tales (below).

But most of all, we slept. Sunday was spent largely drifting in and out of sudden and savage naps. I stumbled out of the bedroom on one occasion to find that while I had been under my boyfriend had cooked a huge pot of pasta, watched half of the Godfather and then himself keeled over on the sofa. In the morning we drifted in and out of consciousness, waking to the witchy guitars and sumptuous strings of the new Radiohead album or Clare Danes intoning her (fabulous) audio recording of “Handmaid’s Tale” – equally disconcerting!

What was causing this mysterious “sleeping sickness?” MSG in cheap Thai-Canto food? Or the onset of the Summer heat?

The Sunday night, before work the next morning, I lay in bed until 3am, paying penance for all those stolen hours of sleep. But I used the time to draw up a to-do list for the next few weeks: trips to caves and islands, a Summer staycation, cycling under disco lights and cooking myself a new meal. It was, I decided, time to turn over a new leaf after the vague dissatisfaction and directionlessness of the last few weeks!




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