21 05 2016


Hong Kong loves fitness. It loves wellness and bootcamps and crossfit. It loves expensive, status-signalling workouts and gruelling competition; places where Type A people who work in finance can continue to ostentatiously out-compete in their free time.

Obviously, there is a lot wrong with this culture, but it can also be fun to observe from the sidelines – the tanned musclebound arms poking out of expensive tanktops, the profusion of cold-pressed juices. Nowhere though is it more enjoyable than at XYZ.

This cycling studio or as it is referred in its own publicity “cave” is a dark room in a Central office block where a good-looking crowd sweats it out in spin classes to bumping Rihanna remixes, and pays 300 HKD a pop for the privelege.

This week we went along for an trial class. I liked the stylish little lobby, moodily lit and fragrant with lemongrass – it was like some classy bar in Bangkok, and the muscle-chic crowd.

And the class itself, I have to admit, was really fun. But will I be back to pay 300HKD for the privelege again? Probably not…





One response

10 06 2016
S. L.

Looks amazing! You are worth it šŸ˜‰

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