The week that was

6 06 2016

IMG_1360Its been a strange kind of week: restless nights, hot days, stressful work, lazy weekends. I spent most of Sunday on some quality couchtime, discovering Breaking Bad. The day before I had wandered the sweltering streets of Mongkok in search of White Noise Records, located in a grimy upperfloor of a shophouse, but still closed at 2PM. I waited in a local cafe, eating chicken noodles with peanuts, until I couldn’t wait any more and gave up in the heat, getting home to Aberdeen just as a wild storm broke and the temperature plunged. We saw a (terrible) French steampunk animation and drove home with the car’s top down playing Alicia Keys and Roisin Murphy. And I finally made plans for my ever-shifting Summer, cancelling one contract, taking another, and planning a short trip. Can’t wait for these last few weeks of school to be over…




One response

7 06 2016

Breaking Bad reminds me of the scalping scene in Nurse Betty. The audience is happy the guy got scalped due to his bad behavior, but then feels guilty for cheering on the scalper. If anyone ever deserved a scalping it was that guy, but then you come to your senses and realize that no one deserves a scalping. I will say no more to spoil your experience, but I do recommend continuing through the series. It is a lot of fun to discuss with friends who are following the series as well. Enjoy!

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