26 06 2016



“It’s like that time that Geri got over-confident and left the Spice Girls…”

So said one of my friends on Facebook about Brexit. Although an avid Guardian reader, I hadn’t given the referendum much thought before the shock results came in – fair enough really, given I’m neither British nor European and living on the other side of the world. And, like many of the “leave” voters it transpires, I had kind of assumed that this challenge to the status quo would be seen off at the pass. So the news that Britain was leaving the EU after thirty years came somewhat out of the blue as out of those historic “Where-were-you-when..?” moments, a true jolt to the system. For as long as I can remember, European integration has been both a fact, and I had thought, widely considered progress. The fact that the whole enterprise might now be in question, and the UK (again) in danger of coming apart, caught me quite off guard.

I was reminded of another quote, this time spotted recently on the T-shirt of an octogenarian Hong Konger. It said, simply, “We are the brave new world”.

Or rather perhaps, we were.

But not any more.

Oh, Britain. What have you done?




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