Further adventures in Mongkok

2 07 2016


Recently I made a couple of interesting discoveries on the upper floors of obscure buildings in Mongkok. The teeming district is famous for its bird, flower and goldfish markets, but who knew there was also an indie record store and a Thai amulet mall? Eager to continue exploring this week, I headed back to find more “Mongkok hidden treasures”.


Lo Yi Faateng, meaning “little sibling dancefloor,” is a new cafe accessed via a hard-to-open door and a dingy staircase, in an old building opposite the McPherson sportsground on Shantung Street. The former apartment has been converted into a wackily-decorated cafe with a bizarre “dictator” theme, a fridge full of books and stacks of my favourite Chinese magazine, Outlook. It would probably be my new favourite place if the food wasn’t (to be frank) so resolutely disappointing. Go for the refreshing longan and lemongrass tea though.

Just around the corner is Knockbox, a cafe more serious about its food offerings and especially its coffees, with single origin and siphon brews.




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