4 07 2016

With the luxury of time over my long, lazy Summer I took the first weekend of the break very slow. We were supposed to get up early and go for a hike, get some exercise. Instead, we got up late and made a mad dash to McDonalds (literally running) to get hotcakes before they ran out (they already had) and then spent the whole rest of the day on the couch.

Game of Thrones had finished so we watched most of a season of Orange is the New Black, before taking a guilty evening hike up the stone stairs to the Peak.

The next day, after a light two hours of Summer school, a spot of shopping and a nap, I met a friend for a run under the lights around the jogging track at Happy Valley. There was a hint of blooming frangipani trees hanging in the air and the towers lit up all around us, on a breezy, low humidity 30 degree night. Paradise.



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