Graham – Australia’s new man with a message

23 07 2016


In an interesting twist, Australia’ Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has teamed up with artist Patricia Piccinini to find a new way to promote road safety. Together, they have created “Graham,” an adorable prototype of a new kind of human body, one designed to withstand car crashes. The hyper-realistic and “deformed” Graham possessed features like no neck (to prevent whiplash) a concave face to prevent facial injuries, reinforced ribs and joints and a cushioned brain. But he also has a very sweet sense of naivete – and this unexpected cuteness is what makes him, to me, a complete success. Is Graham Australia’s more cerebral answer to Kumamon: a decidedly un-lecturey way to impress on people the importance of wearing a seatbelt, a new model for art and public services collaboration and a Downunder kawaii icon all rolled into one?

You can visit Graham at Melbourne’s State Library of Victoria until August 8th.




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