Back to Hong Kong

4 08 2016


I arrived back to a Hong Kong wilting under brutal heat and waiting nervously for the imminent arrival of Typhoon Nida, which hit around 3am on my first night back. The storm closed down the airport (lucky!) and shook the windows of the apartment with screaming banshee-like winds which also sent huge waves crashing against the shores, before vanishing in the morning, leaving the city grey, wet and flatly relieved.

I had downloaded Pokemon Go excitedly on the airport train, but finding this an almost immediate letdown, changed tacks: instead I signed up for Netflix and binge-watched two seasons of the Orange is the Next Black.

This is my plan for the rest of the holidays: television. 😉

Also, I couldn’t help noticing this adorable character had suddenly popped up in my absence all over town on posters, Tshirts and phonecases. He/she/it is the logo for US brand Rip N Tip (of which I had never before heard) and is seemingly the heir to the now-painfully-overexposed Gudetama as Hong Kong’s most desired icon of the minute.




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