The End of the Summer

16 08 2016


And so, Summer has come to an end. Of course, the heat isn’t over yet. Despite a grey and rainy week in Hong Kong it will still be hot here until about the end of August. But my Summer holidays have come to a close; after six weeks of glorious freedom, teachers return to school tomorrow.

It has been, perhaps unexpectedly, a great Summer. Why would this be unexpected? Because I didn’t travel much. I didn’t do anything “amazing”. I just stayed in Hong Kong, and relaxed. And I loved it. I worked a little, a few mornings of Summer school classes here and there – it gave a structure to my day and provided a little extra pocket money.

I took a fun short trip to Ho Chi Minh city, and went to Lamma and Macau and Tai O. I ate in cafes and restaurants, cleaned my apartment, swam, ran, read. I watched movies and binge-watched Netflix and dabbled in Pokemon Go. I slept.

I didn’t climb Mount Kilimanjaro like some of the other teachers, or take a drunken bus tour though Spain – but I also realised that I didn’t need to.

As Plato supposedly said (although when I googled the source of the quotation it actually came up as Weibo): “the highest form of leisure is to be still and open to the world.”

I had a very still Summer, and I have never felt so relaxed.




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