Weekend report

5 09 2016


So what did  get up to this week? Dinner at the new vegetarian hangout Ovo Cafe in Central, tucked away in a mini-mall with an organic food supermarket and the new incarnation of Maya, another highly-regarded Hong Kong vegetarian eatery.

Saturday brunch: scrambled tofu in caramel with pine nuts, and an overpriced but delicious baguette at Le Pain Quotidien.

At home, reading about philosophy, the Shanghai White Terror and Karl Ove Knausgaarden’s “My Struggle” (not yet finished, and lots to process before I write more on that.)

Dinner with a new Brazilian friend and a good Shatin buddy – steamed fish in blackbean sauce and monkeyhead mushrooms – and then fun, fanciful drinks at Quinary: frothy earl grey martinis and yuan yeung with whiskey-flavoured condensed milk.

A Sunday swim in a murky pool on a warm, late Summer day: the sky cloudy and grey, with a warm breeze blowing. More reading.


Then on Sunday, as we drove in to Yau Ma Tei to see a movie, news of a fire at the city’s fruit market, just a block away from our destination. I had been at the market just the week before: shopping for dragon fruits and longan amid the dangling, flashing lights and the sooty old buildings, dating back to 1913, one with a tree sprouting maturely out of its roof gables.

Although the dust has yet to settle, I’ll be sad if this unique old part of Hong Kong is lost.

Trapped in a traffic diversion, we arrived at the cinema late and did a disorienting dash down the street of fortunes tellers, to the flashing strobe lights and drunken warblings of the pavement karaoke bars.

The movie itself was disappointing: “If Cats disappeared from the world.” The premise was great – a man dying of a brain tumour is approached by the devil who offers to extend his life, on the condition that for every day gained, something precious will disappear from the world…

Sadly though, it was really poorly executed: full of cheesy piano music and clumsy allusions to much better films, like an unnecessary trip to Argentina halfway through, quoting liberally from “Happy Together.”

Disappointed, we went to Temple Street to eat a late supper of Malay Cake and shrimp dumplings at Kung Fu Dim Sum, before back to bed for Monday morning.





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