Wknd report

25 09 2016

After a sunny, productive week of work back in Hong Kong, it was time for a leisurely weekend. I saw my second great Korean zombie movie in as many weeks, and then the next day enjoyed a Saturday breakfast of organic baguette slices at Le Pain Quotidienne, while reading  Knausgaard on my kindle , (as I probably will for weekends to come).


On a whim, I went to an exhibition of conceptual artwork by Cannes Palm d’Or winner Apichatpong Weerasethakul, held at Quarry Bay’s Parasite art space. The show confirmed that as much as I love both things Thai and arthouse cinema, I don’t quite *get* Apichatpong. The show here consisted largely of projections of ordinary-looking Thais, doing everyday things, slowly, in mundane surrounds. Whatever it was that these were meant to say I missed. There were two pieces that struck me though – a portrait of a reclining dude (which, it turns out, is the director’s real life partner) and finally a darkened room where another image was projected, the naturalistic silhouette of a red dog which wandered and faded, skipping between the different walls.


Gym. The hot press of Mongkok weekend crowds. A few hours of housework and domestic loafing, with the windows thrown open. For dinner, we had good Lebanese food: baba ganoush and pitta bread, and roasted cauliflower.

This was followed by a sunny Sunday of swimming, reading on a dozy cafe terrace overlooking the Pok Fu Lam straits, then the schlockfest of Jaws. All in all, not a bad weekend.




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