See Hua Haa Taa

4 12 2016


Armed with my copy of The Thai Occult by Jenx I went back this week to the President Centre in Mongkok, a minimall dedicated to, among  other things, Thai amulets. Thanks to the book I was able to identify this as a “See Hua Haa Taa” (Four eyes, five ears) a scary looking demon that eats hot coals and excretes them out again as gold. According to the book, statues like this one should be given an offering of coral on the first full moon of the month to provide good fortune to their owners.

Aside from the six or seven little stores trafficking in colourful statues of Thai deities, amulets, and I’m sure much more …esoteric items under the counter, the President Centre also has a raffish collection of magic and crystal store, sex aides, head shops, manga figurines, a tattooist, cheap mens’ hip hop style street clothes and a record store: a very “MK’ experience.




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