Strange blessings on the walk to work

4 12 2016


Walking to work recently, I have made a new friend. Every morning, and most evenings I see him – or her? – standing in the exact same spot, staring down into the (surprisingly clean) waters of the Wong Chuk Hang canal as I walk to and from work along the narrow park-like ribbon of greenery on the other bank. As well as this regular companion, a Malayan night heron, there are often two snowy egrets, although they sit in different perches each day. Such a small thing, but I realised recently, that it makes me very happy. In a city like Hong Kong, how many people are lucky enough to have a commute like this: a walk to work, through a park no less, filled with these amazing birds?

And the other day I felt doubly blessed to look up and see strange formations in the skies – clouds or chem trails – including a conspicuous cross dangling in the heavens above the Catholic seminary!





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