The surreal world

25 01 2017

Last week an ex-boyfriend texted me, to say that he had seen my ex-boyfriend (from Tokyo, in London)…but the conversation hit a brick wall when neither of us could remember his name. I’m still not sure which ex he means. It was a strange, surreal little exchange, as though a long-forgotten other life, my swinging single days in Tokyo Nichome, had been going on silently without me, only to be caught out in an unguarded moment on the far side of the world, as if time and space and possibilities had collapsed and then expanded in on themselves.

I had another strange moment walking through Wanchai on my recent return from Melbourne. I’d only been gone a few weeks but so many of the shops had changed, new cafes sprouted…One afternoon I was absent-mindedly walking into a coffee shop, when I noticed, only at the very last moment, that it wasn’t a coffee shop anymore, it had transformed into a cosmetics store. And then passing by a fews days later, it was, head-spinningly, the same old cafe again. Was I going mad? Or had the coffee shop just been hosting (I decided) a particularly elaborate product launch, complete with temporary name-change.

And in a final bizarre twist, I was stopped by police on my usual evening jog today. Pok Fu Lam Road had been blocked off entirely after the discovery of a 225kg unexploded American bomb from World War Two, lying in a site that I run past every week.







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