The day we made the world…

25 04 2017


My boyfriend surprised me over the weekend with a ‘mystery trip’ to the suburb of Kwai Chung. We arrived at Kwai Chung Plaza, a aloud and bustling mall of low ceilings, 1980s escalators, scuttling cockroaches and stalls selling squid balls and strange melted cheese snacks. It was something of a culture shock, and quite a contrast to the urbane delights of the neighbouring Metroplaza which we were to discover later, stocked with all my favourite chain restaurants and cafes from Hong Kong island. But what we had come for was waiting in a grimy industrial building behind a panel beater’s and a cooked food centre. As we went up in the rickety life the anticipation was killing me – indoor rock climbing perhaps? But no, we entered a cute little studio with a view of a green hill on one side and shelves of ferns and plants inside. We had come to learn kodama, the art of making a moss-wrapped bonsai.





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