Seoul : Boys keep on swinging

27 04 2017

IMG_9583 IMG_9582

When I lived in Seoul way back when, the city was stiflingly conservative (at its first ever gay pride march, participants wore paper bags over their heads). Yet even then it had a small but very energetic gay scene. All that pent-up sexual energy, hidden behind polite smiles and three piece suits during the week, would ignite on smoky dancefloors on the weekend on the poky dancefloors of “Homo Hill,” the city’s fledgling gayberhood in the district of Itaewon. Since then, this scene has blossomed to include circuit parties and go-go boys, a gay coffee house, bars called GRINDR and Shortbus, hot clubs like Gray and Looking Star, hipster-gay magazines (Duiro) and fashion brands (VEAK, Two Much,Woo Yeah), artists like Nahwan Jeon and now new party, Gag reflex. Somehow, somewhere, Seoul has turned into arguably the gay party capital of Northern Asia.




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