Sunday in Wong Chuk Hang

28 05 2017


It was a lazy, golden Sunday of breakfasting in a vegetarian Japanese cafe (Mum), then walking back through the canal by the park. Schools of newly hatched fish were swarming through the greenish water.


We read at my apartment, then went out to Aberdeen, to buy plants in the local alleyway filled with ferns and succulents on little shelves, dragonfruit, tea-flavoured icecream and start-of Summer dragonboat dumplings, wrapped in banana leaves.


We ventured into dingy games arcades, fragrant with a narco-haze, and bought oranges off old men in neighbourhood shops stacked with 80s sweets, and wire in local fishing stores where customers picked out shrimps from a tank with chopsticks for bait and big-breasted women held up big shiny fish on the cover of angling magazines.


Under the concrete bridge to Ap Lei Chau we found an abandoned faux-midcentury seat, the kind you find in smart doctor’s waiting rooms, now installed to look out over the harbour. It was by a little village-like settlement of boat repairers, replete with creepy hand-carved shrines.


And we swam in the beautiful sunlit water of the Pao Yue Kong swimming pool, the air and water both a perfect temperature, and then ate dinner in a cafe with an inhouse all-white fighting ring (Sensory Zero). All in all, it was a pretty great local Sunday, the first real weekend of the Summer!





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