Outer island hipsters

10 06 2017

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Peng Chau is one of the most pleasant of Hong Kong’s outer islands to visit. Its main town has a huge and typically ugly government services building and supermarket at the ferry dock, but beyond that quickly returns to its roots as a sleepy town of narrow streets, some genuine old buildings and cicadas and birdsong ringing loudly through the languid air. Its main shopping drag, Hing Wing Street, is lined with traditional local stores selling colourful fruits and vegetables, little restaurants, and local residents lounging in sitting rooms that open directly on to the street. At the end of the town is the imposing concrete hulk of its (sadly) derelict former cinema.

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But Peng Chau also has a small and charming hipster scene: I was there for a “coffee and book fair” held at a new event space in a renovated village house called Wut Tung Sat, held in conjunction with the island’s charming Japanese vintage knickknack shop Sun Sat store. The French-run wine and cheese bar I visited last time on the island had closed, but a new store called Sherry’s had opened with a “secret garden” full of bizarrely jumbled furniture and statuary and a range of objects from all over the world – I left with a hefty African wood carving for 150 HKD!

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One response

11 06 2017

thanks for sharing hk has so much to see, not just the main island itself but also theoutlying islands. gotta go to these sometime soon.

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