A day on Lamma

15 07 2017

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We spent a day on the summery island of Lamma, leaving from the busy working harbour at Aberdeen, alive with sampans and bright flags atop fishing vessels moored in the harbour, across the busy straits where huge cargo ships powered by, and up to the green forested shores of the island, under a clear, piercingly hot blue sky. The idea was to some village houses in tangled green fields and groves of banana trees, before walking into the main settlement of Yung Shue Wan. Here we stopped for a much-needed cool pitstop in a boho-hipster cafe, drinking good coffee book and reading books off the shelf, before heading off again. This time we followed the busy walking track out of town to “Power station beach”, where the famous “tofu fa” sweet tofu dessert woman has set up her stall under the spreading branches of an old, shady banyan tree.

img_2579_zpsvmo7ahuqimg_2542_zpsmq37hnzh fullsizerender_zpsdezgffgp

Slipping the beach, with its swarms of mainlanders and rather offputting view of the coal-burning power station chimneys, we pressed on, soon soaked in sweat, over blazing hillsides and shady valleys to one of the island’s quieter beaches, to sit and look up at the jungly canopy or swim with swarms of flying fish in the sea. After a few hours, with rain suddenly threatening, we hot-footed it on to the island’s second settlement, with the boyfriend limping from a wound to his foot (having stepped on submerged rocks at the beach) and me sheltering from the rain under a fallen banana leaf, to the seafood strip of Sok Kwu Wan, to eat before the journey home.

img_2569_zpsgfko0jhc img_2576_zpsf0da0yc0 img_6250_zpspjjzhaps




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