Day 2 Museum Siam 11.30pm

24 07 2017

232 231

I was lucky enough to sneak in just on the very last day of an excellent exhibition at Museum Siam marking the twentieth anniversary of the Asian currency crisis, known in Thailand as the Tom Yam Goong Crisis. The exhibition is titled ” Tom Yam Goong: Lessons (un) learned”.  The exhibition uses colourful graphics to explain the searing impact of the crisis which sent the baht tumbling and wiped out Thailand’s golden era of giddy economic growth.

Below are some of the casualties: the baht, a stock broker who went from earning 10 million baht per day to selling 25 baht snacks on street corners and an eerie promotional poster for what is now Bangkok’s best-known ruin, the never-completed Sathorn Unique tower.

241 239 225 237

Elsewhere in the museum was an exhibition about Thai inventions through the ages, featuring this giant wicker reclining form with flashing, image-projecting eyes and a a wooden spinning mobile for a heart which played a xylophone as it spun. Super-cool!





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