Day 4 8pm Blissfully Blind

25 07 2017


I had heard of a modern dance/performance art piece which happened to  be on while I was in town and decided to go to check it out: I’m so glad I did. “Blissfully Blind” by the B-Floor Theatre group is a work by Dujdao Vadhanapakorn, Thailand’s only psychiatrist specialising in dance therapy. Under her direction, a quartet of dancers performed on the theme: “Is it better to be blissfully blind or painfully aware?” This went on in and around a playground-like structure which pulsed with coloured light in an environment where the audience could move freely around through the performance, drifting to the two sides of the room at will, divided by the lighting structure. The choreography itself was strange, sometimes confrontational (angry eye contact with individual audience members), often opaque, but rarely less than compelling and the crowd of Bangkok art scenesters, with their black pants and assymetrical haircuts, seemed just as intrigued and confused as I was. It was a night of beauty and surprises.




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