Nichada Thani: a Stepford in the tropics

26 07 2017

While in the Northern suburbs I wanted to make a quick stop at Nichada Thani, Bangkok’s very own “Discovery Bay”. I had only just learned of its existence. Like its Hong Kong eqivalent, DB, NT is a planned community cut off – by design – from the city around it. It is gorgeously landscaped, a wealthy expat suburban community of jogging paths around an artificial lake, luxurious villas, an international school, domestic helpers doing the grocery shopping in golf buggies and a Starbucks overlooking a swimming pool where a smattering of Russian women, African and Indian teenagers – all exuding the easy and unmistakeable aura of privelege – sipped frappacinos, tapped on macbooks and chatted in English. The development is undeniably very pleasant, but also slightly disturbing. It is just so jarringly fake and ruthless in its denial of the realities lurking just outside its borders. And obviously, I am not the only one who thinks so, judging from the compellingly revamped version of the promotional video below:



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