An escape

4 08 2017


After a solid ten days in Bangkok, but still with more than a week until my boyfriend was due to arrive, I decided to head out of town for a change of scenery. The first plan, excitingly, was to fly to Assam. However, even though the flights were cheap it turned out that the Indian visa was a bureaucractic hurdle I hadn’t factored in so I put that aside for next time.

Instead, I decided (the night before) to hop on a 12-hour bus ride to Thailand’s South. I was up at 5am to the distant Southern Bus Terminus and then off on a slow, rolling journey through the lush green countryside to Krabi.

By the end of the afternoon, the South announced itself outside my window with shacks in gloomy rows of rubber trees, open-back trucks piled with durian and jackfruits,  jadded jungly limestone spires piercing the skyline and the copper domes of small town mosques shining in the dying light of the sun.

From Krabi –  pleasant, prosperous little city – I took a longtail boat across the bay to Railay Beach, a paradise under its dramatic crags. After a day here I moved on to Khao Sok national park, where the same imposing karsts rose not out of the ocean but out of a jade green lake and a thick ancient rainforest.



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