18 06 2017


Rainy rainy rain

18 06 2017


It has been a sodden, sullen week of sudden Amber rain downpours, where rain fell in white sheets, and grey ominous mornings waiting for the rain to hit. Inside, my apartment was full of damp clothes and dripping umbrellas. The weather is forecast to last for at least another half a week.


Weekend report

18 06 2017

FullSizeRender 2

What I had expected to be a fairly low-key, soggy weekend ended up involving drunken co-workers at a glitzy banquet, a caramel cronut with a friend’s visiting parents from Perth, abortive trips through urine-soaked walk-ups in Mongkok to find (closed) hipster restaurants and a leatherworks “atelier” and great Shanghainese food at the impressive Causeway Bay restaurant Wang Jia Sha ( named after the Chinese-language title of “In the Mood For Love” and with decor inspired by the film but given a modern twist).


IMG_1611But the highlight perhaps was a smoky and sweet whiskey cocktail with star anise at J. Boroksi, the Hong Kong offshoot of a much-lauded Bangkok designer speakeasy, in the same alleyway where the city’s now-closed gay club Propaganda once stood. Aside from the customised cocktails, the bar’s claim to fame is its walls decorated with (real) beetles and spiders and small kaleidoscopic viewing cube of creepie crawlies.


Merciless Chicken

18 06 2017

HK culture: when your boss treats you to a meal and she/he subtly manipulates the lazy-susan (the turning table thingy) so the head of the chicken ends up pointing towards you its called “Merciless chicken” 「無情鷄」. You’re fired.

Bee eaters and barracuda

18 06 2017

BeeEaterBlTh-BluePansy [JWee]

Above, the blue-throated bee catcher, apparently a fairly common species in Hong Kong. I’ll have to keep my eyes open. An unlucky swimmer had a rather more traumatic brush with the island’s wild side this week, with a shark or barracuda attack at Deep Water Bay, the nearby beach where I sometimes jog and (in the Summer) swim. The attack occurred inside the protective shark net installed around the beach’s bathing area. ( Surprisingly, Hong Kong in the nineties was a hotspot for shark attacks on humans, leading to the installation of nets around many popular beaches after a spate of three fatalities in two weeks.) Although the species of fish involved has not been positively identified, and how it breached the net is a mystery, experts have speculated that it was either a member of one of the smaller shark species or a barracuda. The unlucky swimmer who called out in agony and was rescued by lifesavers saw nothing, but was left with a deep gash in his leg, complete with one of the fish’s embedded teeth.

The art of Gengoroh Tagame

18 06 2017


Above, new Tagame-inspired swimwear from hipster manga company Massive and below, the infamous bath at Ueno’s 24 Kaikan.

12 06 2017