Turning thirty five with a splash

9 09 2012

Also turning thirty five this year is one of my old stomping grounds, the Shangri-La gay party at Tokyo megaclub Ageha. The party will celebrate its thirty-fifth event, marking its seven year anniversary, in October. How many happy nights I spent here – under the giant mirror ball, splashing in the swimming pool on the bayside terrace watching the sun come up, or watching the club’s famous go go boys “perform” on stage with six thousand other admirers.


The party, or at least its dancers, will actually be jetting into the neighbourhood (Taipei) for that city’s gay pride party in October. I’m sorely tempted to go and relive my glory days in Tokyo’s temple of hedonism. One for old times sake…. Some more NSFWish pictures of the party after the break…

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Ageha spreads its wings

28 07 2007

Perusing the website for Ageha, Tokyo’s nightlife behemoth, I noticed that there is no “Muscle beach” for this year (the Summer version of Ageha`s regular gay night, where I once jumped into the pool with Ryu and Hitomi). But now I know why. It seems that the Tokyo superclub has been busy with other things.Ageha is opening its first franchise, this month, in Taipei. So if you are heading down to Taiwan…? Its interesting – Tokyo Ageha actually lost its title as the biggest nightclub in Asia (capacity: 5000)when Ministry of Sound opened a Taiwanese offshoot. Is Taipei becoming the new nightlife hub of Asia? Perhaps so. A Chinese friend of mine once told me that it was the most gayfriendly of the Chinese cities (Shanghai and Beijing still too closeted, Hong Kong surprisingly conservative).
And my experieces a few years ago confirmed it, when I went to a house night with a Taiwanese DJ at “Ruins” in Shinjuku, to find that he had brought a whole contingent of shirtless Chinese partyboys with him.

That party was insane. People were pushy, rude, flirty, wild and intent on having a good time. At one point, people were climbing each others shoulders to wave lighters under the sprinklers. Unfortunately though
there was no Christian-Aguilera-video-style downpour onto writhing naked bodies, only a loud alarm. And it blended semalessly with the beats in the house record playing, and everyone kept on dancing.

 Viva Taiwan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!