Brunch in Tai Hang: a photo essay

3 06 2012

It was a rare blue-sky day on Saturday so to celebrate the blazing sunshine – so often lost in Hong Kong’s cloud cover or smoggy haze – I headed out for brunch to its cutest neighbourhood, Tai Hang.


A very overpriced salad.


A big part of the area’s charm – oddly – are the many auto mechanics, adding a pleasant grittiness to the summery streets. Interspersed with the garages and the flaking, period apartment blocks are  rapidly increasing yuppie cafes (which, admittedly, was the reason I was here). I wonder how long the old panel beaters will last now the area has been ‘discovered’?


Largo do Kinxaxi

2 06 2012

This is what the centre of Luanda looks like. Reminds me of Sao Paulo. Same dusty palm trees, same vast soft drink billboards (well, Sao Paulo used to have these before the Cidade Limpa, same crumbling skyscraper squats turned into “vertical slums, “same vague sense of the 1970s) :


The statue is of Queen Nzinga, a sixteenth century leader of the Ndongo nation who allied herself with the Dutch in an unsuccessful but long-fought struggle against Portuguese colonialism.

16 10 2011

Through the bus window

16 10 2011


13 06 2009

A poster for gay party “John”, ripped to look like a blood-stained icon of Saint Sebastian; and surprise roadworks outside the State parliament building in the dead of night. (I used to work as a journalist – kind of –  in the building on the bottom-right).