Fashion monster

15 07 2017


The one and only Francois Sagat ❤️




1 05 2017


Instagram feed shots from Melbourne’s Honcho Disko Party, which looks like it is well worth checking out (above), and Thai actress Araya Chompoo Hargate (below). Despite her fashion icon status, her personal instagram styling has, to my eyes, more misses than hits. This is one of the exceptions.


And finally, Francois Sagat visits my favourite Paris museum, the Musee de la Chasse et Nature.

IMG_9953 IMG_9943

Summer fun

9 06 2016


As Summer spreads around the Northern Hemisphere, New York house club Body & Soul touched down in Hong Kong (pathetically, I didn’t go), Taiwan is hosting a gay beach party in the first week of July and Tokyo is gearing up for its “Bear Week”at the same time with a bonus visit from Francois Sagat to the FancyHim party on June 25th.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 8.36.32 PM


Down under meanwhile, the Vivid Festival has been lighting up Sydney with its now trademark projections onto the Opera House, plus a storming DJ set from Bjork and an equally storming actual storm, which saw monster waves sweep over multi-million dollar harbourside mansions. One woman’s marble swimming pool was washed out to sea. An acerbic Facebook friend of mine remarked, “Where will she keep her diamonds cool in the summertime now?”

bjork-digital-sydney-2016-15_zpsezlpjpxa img_1431_zps6bmyrepw

Meanwhile, in the gay world…

15 12 2015


Francois Sagat by Jonathan Icher, and below by the same photographer, model Arthur Gillet.



Taiwanese fashion blogger, stylist and TV host, Judy Chou, whose Facebook feed is a relentless parade of fierce looks at beach bear parties and Pride parades:

img_3189_zpsbdqh55j3 img_3187_zpsdndn9hz5 img_2747_zpsx601s1vs

And current gay scene “it boy,” the absurdly-monikered Strongjaws:

tumblr_nhs3rbqa6d1sknwpfo10_1280_zpsdyzsdire tumblr_nhs3rbqa6d1sknwpfo5_1280_zps0yv3asnb

Head Honcho

27 08 2015

Look who is back, as a pop prop no less in video for singer Veronika.

The concept: Russian Lady Gaga
The song: utterly forgettable to the point of zen (if a song is playing and no-one is listening…does it really exist?)
The video: outrageously over the top
The choice of guest star: impeccable.

Francois Sagat and Benson Chen

30 03 2015

Two great tastes…that taste great together? 😉

RIPped: The King is Dead, long live the king…

1 11 2014

Yesterday fashion-sex-art-camp icon Francois Sagat was laid to rest in hot pink sneakers and cut-off jeans in his own pop art-sarcophagus at a “funeral” in an art museum in the Swiss city of Laussane.

The striking art event was a collaboration with Lukas Beyeler, a local gay video-artist (and himself quite a dreamboat) who produced the peerlessly bizarre Francois Sagat Japanese-inspired game arcade video below: