So what has Francois Sagat been up to lately?

26 02 2014

Oh, you know.

The usual.

The gays fight (dance) back

19 02 2014

In Russia, with the help of one Monsieur Francois Sagat…(NSFW!)

And in – fabulously – Iran where the Queen of Persian pop Googoosh has just released an explicit gay rights anthem with lesbian couple in the clip. Well done. You can view the video for said video Beshtet, here, but I still prefer her older, funkier stuff:

Now where is that Nigerian disco power anthem?

…and good luck Francois Sagat.

18 05 2013

The same week gay porn lost a leading light in the East, another star bowed out in the West – at Disneyland no less – but under much happier circumstances. Francois Sagat – this blog’s ‘man of 2007’ – released a terse announcement on youtube, sitting outside Cindarella’s castle, to say that he had quit porn. It was typically poetic Sagat. In his case, the move seems natural  – if not overdue. The multi-talented Sagat had long outgrown skin flicks. Hopefully he’ll have more time to concentrate on his (more interesting) parallel career as an art/fashion muse.

…and the previous winners.

17 12 2012


2011 – Arisa and the Brown Eyed Girls

2010 – Daisuke and Janelle Monae

2009 –G-Dragon and Lady Gaga


2008- Francois Sagat and Amy Winehouse.

Francois Sagat goes to Hell

19 05 2012


Francois Sagat has gone to hell his new and very, very French musical project (it was only a matter of time), Hades. He is joined on the journey by former supermodel of the 1980s, Sylvia Gobbel (who was apparently a model and muse of Helmut Newton). All very Euro-chic.


18 05 2012

The other day I was wondering what Francois Sagat had been up to. He seemed to have been on a bit of a lower profile than before. Little did I know this gem lay in wait for –  as far as I am concerned, possibly the highlight of his extraordinary sex-art-fashion career to date.

Presenting: FS as cyber callgirl in a Japanese phone-in arcade game. And hold on to your hats.

What has Francois Sagat been up to lately?

15 05 2012


Oh, just the usual….