The art of Gengoroh Tagame

18 06 2017


Above, new Tagame-inspired swimwear from hipster manga company Massive and below, the infamous bath at Ueno’s 24 Kaikan.

Nahwan Jeon: gay cyclops in love

25 04 2017

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Meanwhile in the gay world

28 02 2017


Above, the art of Inu Yoshi. Below, Melbourne’s Barba party.

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Boy next door: The art of Kuro Nohara

10 01 2017


One more after the jump…

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Meanwhile in the gay world

12 10 2016

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Illustrator Nickie Charles with his Japanese-inspired “bara” (butch/cute gay) art.

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Form/ function

20 07 2016


…more amazing and super-gay imagery from the Melbourne party boys at Trough X.


A response to Orlando from Japan

19 06 2016


Anne Ishii, one of the authors of a (very not-safe-for-work) gay manga blog posted a touching essay about her trip to Sapporo to visit famed manga artist Jiraiya, and their foray into the city’s gay scene, as well as her shock at learning of the Orlando massacre unfolding on the other side of the world. Anne’s “Massive” company is teaming up with Jiraiya to produce memorabilia with the artwork above to raise money for the survivors and for anti-gun causes.


The essay also made me think of another Japanese perspective on homophobia, “My brother’s husband”. I am loath to link to it, but there is now an “unofficial” English translation floating around on the web, and the comic’s poignant message could not be more timely. Written for a primarily heterosexual audience, the beautiful comic charts the journey of a single father who questions his own low-key homophobia after the Canadian partner of his estranged gay brother, Ryoji, comes to visit. He comes to realise, of course, that people are people and love is love.

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A message that sorely needs to be heard.