Bee eaters and barracuda

18 06 2017

BeeEaterBlTh-BluePansy [JWee]

Above, the blue-throated bee catcher, apparently a fairly common species in Hong Kong. I’ll have to keep my eyes open. An unlucky swimmer had a rather more traumatic brush with the island’s wild side this week, with a shark or barracuda attack at Deep Water Bay, the nearby beach where I sometimes jog and (in the Summer) swim. The attack occurred inside the protective shark net installed around the beach’s bathing area. ( Surprisingly, Hong Kong in the nineties was a hotspot for shark attacks on humans, leading to the installation of nets around many popular beaches after a spate of three fatalities in two weeks.) Although the species of fish involved has not been positively identified, and how it breached the net is a mystery, experts have speculated that it was either a member of one of the smaller shark species or a barracuda. The unlucky swimmer who called out in agony and was rescued by lifesavers saw nothing, but was left with a deep gash in his leg, complete with one of the fish’s embedded teeth.