The New Australian Kitsch

5 09 2015

Its a little bit Ken Done, a little bit Harajuku with a dash of Tumblr and a whole lotta Frankie magazine (the cute Oz bible). Presenting: the new Australian cute.

Above, illustration by Melbourne artists UNA and below, hat maker Chiliphilly.

And some work by Perth illustrator jiiakuann, as recently recommended on Tumblr by Sydneysider (and now New York-based) Jirat Patradoon.

Northern soul

12 01 2015

Above, the work of Olaf Hajek, from the German-Danish borderlands. I came across his book “Black Antoinette” in Hong Kong Page One. And below, “Big Mother” by Finn Riika Sormunen, as seen in Bangkok.

Bangkok Anytime

12 01 2015

From Bangkok-based Spanish illustrator Dani Monfort Gil.


23 08 2014

Work by HK illustrator Overloaddance.

Tale of Two Cities: Hong Kong 80s X Taipei 90s

17 08 2014

A Parallel Tale: Hong Kong X 80s and Taipei X 90s is a surprisingly interesting exhibition now on in HK, tracing the comic book culture of the two cities in two different decades. I have to admit I was quite ignorant of the scene in either city, but the exhibition serves up some nice images from artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as their interesting reminiscences about life and art in the 80s and 90s.

The show is free and its on currently at Comix Home Base, a new centre for the comics industry in a restored four storey historical building in Wanchai (across the street from a Mos Burger, I discovered to my delight, too.)


21 06 2014

Images from

AKTA – fighting AIDS with cute

19 08 2013

Amid the porno stores, underwear shops and bars of Nichome, tucked into the third floor of a nondescript building, is the AKTA Centre. This government-funded AIDS prevention project aims to provide a safe space for the discussion of gay issues. It hosts occassional art exhibitions and discussion groups, but even if there is nothing going on its worth popping by to pick up club flyers (which I love doing in Tokyo) and cute AIDS education manga.

I got one heartwarming brochure aimed at deaf people, with a cute bearish couple explaining safe sex in sign language on every page (which is a bit pointless when you think about it as deaf people can read conventional text anyway…but so cute!!)