Weekend report

18 06 2017

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What I had expected to be a fairly low-key, soggy weekend ended up involving drunken co-workers at a glitzy banquet, a caramel cronut with a friend’s visiting parents from Perth, abortive trips through urine-soaked walk-ups in Mongkok to find (closed) hipster restaurants and a leatherworks “atelier” and great Shanghainese food at the impressive Causeway Bay restaurant Wang Jia Sha ( named after the Chinese-language title of “In the Mood For Love” and with decor inspired by the film but given a modern twist).


IMG_1611But the highlight perhaps was a smoky and sweet whiskey cocktail with star anise at J. Boroksi, the Hong Kong offshoot of a much-lauded Bangkok designer speakeasy, in the same alleyway where the city’s now-closed gay club Propaganda once stood. Aside from the customised cocktails, the bar’s claim to fame is its walls decorated with (real) beetles and spiders and small kaleidoscopic viewing cube of creepie crawlies.