2 07 2017


Images by Inu Yoshi (犬義).

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9 04 2015

New king of Nichome

19 08 2013

Since the bewildering passing of Masaki Koh earlier this year (who dies from appendicitis? Its so … preventable),  Kenta, a model-go go boy from the Shangri-la party seems to have taken over as Nichome’s number one sex object du jour. It is not hard to see why. He is currently plastered naked on Nichome’s main street outside an underwear store he endorses, if you’d like to take a closer look 😉

More Taipei Gay Pride

3 11 2012


Some more pics from Taipei gay Pride; above are some of the international guests in town for the event, Tokyo go-go boy Kenta who Isaw at Club Jump, Hiro (a dancer in Shanghai) and AV star Tohma.

Below are some pics from the wall of flesh that greeted visitors to the opening night party at Jump. A cluster of shirtless dudes were promoting a local underwear brand and punters (generally the ones in Tshirts) could get their pictures with them. I actually got a picture with them myself but I’m not gonna post it 😉 hehehe