27 12 2016

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Country town

27 12 2016

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I spent two years in Kyneton, a little country town an hour or so outside Melbourne by train and home to sixteen thousand people, located on a bend in the Campaspe river, really no more than a trickle of a creek. Walking back into town from the train station was a strange journey back into the past – the blazing sun, the smell of fresh grass, the torpor of a town with little to do and nowhere to go in a hurry. None of that had changed.


The brick bungalows with their gardens of roses were still there,as was the hundred and twenty year old Catholic convent school in which I had once taught. And on Piper Street, the charming street of restaurants and boutiques for Melbourne weekenders were largely as I remembered them, with the large Stockroom complex in an old butter factory showing a surprisingly good exhibition of local art, like this piece by metalworker Martin Hodge.


An afternoon in Kyneton

27 12 2016

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TIme to go back, way back…

11 08 2015

This “What to do with a weekend in Kyneton” article made me nostalgic for my days in the small Australian town – it would be nice to go back…

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Goodbye Kyneton

12 12 2010

Goodbye house.


Goodbye school.

Country Summer

21 11 2010

Weekend report

24 10 2010

This weekend: a sultry Friday night promising Summer, then a cold, drizzling Saturday spent in the library marking. “The Housemaid” on Lygon Street. An Indonesian festival in Federation Square. No train services, so I had to get the bus.Eating fried rice out of a coconut at “Jalan Alor” and cream cakes at Maxim’s in Chinatown. Sitting in the sunshine on Sunday atop the Carlton hotel in the kitschy Hawaiian themed palm garden on fuschia pink chairs drinking cider, and then running along my jogging path through the trees and the white wildflowers back in Kyneton.

Not a bad one after all 🙂