You’re no good

21 05 2017

One of the big names of young Brazilian music, Mallu Magalhães, is back with a lovely, summery and surprisingly traditional-sounding bossa nova number, Você Não Presta (You’re no good). The song also prompted me to go back to one of my old favourites of hers, Velha e Louca, below:

Gal Costa: Tropicalismo rocks

15 12 2015

New – well, newish – (it came out earlier this year, but I missed it) Gal Costa! Her astonishing “Recanto” record put the 1970s tropicalista diva back on my personal map with one of 2012’s great singles, the pounding Miami Maculele and an appealing and well-executed blend of Brazilian melody and up-to-the-minute electronic production.

Estratosferica treads a similar path with adventurous production and a who-is-who of Brazilian pop on writing and production credits. Mallu Magalhaes wrote the first single, Milton Nascimento and Criolo pop up as does Mallu’s boyfriend, Marcelo Camelo, plus Tom Ze. The whole thing is produced by Moreno Veloso (son of Caetano) and Alexandre Kassin.

Sailing into Summer

23 06 2015

Marcelo Camelo ao vivo

25 11 2013

A beautiful set from the honey-voiced Brazilian singer-songwriter live in a Sao Paulo theatre. His girlfriend, this blog favourite Mallu Magalhães shows up for a duet one hour and 12 minutes in, and it is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Summer songs

16 03 2013

Mallu Magalhaes and her song “Highly Sensitive” (used in a Latin American commercial for Windows 8).