All around the world

25 05 2017

African beats from Johannesubrg’s Batuk, and a Southern Sudanese-themed video.

The return of Thai pop star, Palmy.

And below, Japan’s Wednesday Campanella on the Mongolian steppes for “Melos”


Back for the bops

17 05 2017

Thai singer Palmy is set to return with a new single being teased online…from the snippet in the clip above it doesn’t seem quite as catchy as her last album, but lets wait and see.

Palmy’s dark side

18 08 2012

The adorable, hippy-ish Thai pop star releases her fourth single of last year’s successful comeback album, 5. Its a surprisingly dark clip for the usually sunny singer though, and the artist herself does not appear.

Before this album came out the singer had been keeping a low profile for a few years. One of her projects during this time was an “experimental rock opera of the Ramakien (Ramayana) performed by a bunch of Thai rockstars plus electronica act The Photo Sticker Machine at the Lincoln Centre in New York. Palmy played the mythical Queen Sita,abducted by a devil, begetting a war between human, gods and monsters that would echo through the ages.

The concept behind the “rak opera” (a pun on “rock opera”, “Rak” is Thai for “love”) sounds amazing. I finally found some footage of the concert below and a critical but still intriguing review in the New York Times here.

…. and T-boys.

8 06 2012

The always-adorable Palmy performs her fourth single from the “5” album, “Shy Boy”. The infectious tune carries on the album’s retro theme, this time with the singer performing as Drag King Janelle Monae!