Trough London

25 05 2017

London continues to get down, err, under with the second installment of Australian-originated gay party Trough hitting soon. According to their website:

TROUGH, named after a vessel pigs drink out of, was founded 10 years ago in Melbourne Australia. Over the years TROUGH has amalgamated jocks, bears, hunks, beards, queers, twinks and in-betweeners into one pretty mess on the dancefloor inside Australia’s biggest and boldest mens cruise venue, CLUB80. As broad as the crowd is, so is the music with DJs slamming Berlin-esque (m)anthems, deep house, sexy beats and throbbing baselines to a dark room of a sweaty pit. After 10 years TROUGH is now ready to sow its seeds in international soil to give the rest of the world a good dose of the T_OUGH love. TROUGH is also internationally renowned for its visionary photographic imagery and video art promos, all produced and art directed by TROUGH founder Nik Dimopoulos. Each campaign explores different sexual practises and fetishes as themes, combining both the sexual and the sometimes absurdist nature of fetishised ideas and attractions using everyday found objects and DIY crafting. It is fused together with the ‘hot talent’ sourced from the events themselves. Combined with mantastic multimedia / performance / installation / laser and projection spectacular, TROUGH firmly puts the ART back into dance pARTy!

The – needless to say – very NSFW promotional video is below:

And meanwhile, back in Oz:


1 05 2017


Instagram feed shots from Melbourne’s Honcho Disko Party, which looks like it is well worth checking out (above), and Thai actress Araya Chompoo Hargate (below). Despite her fashion icon status, her personal instagram styling has, to my eyes, more misses than hits. This is one of the exceptions.


And finally, Francois Sagat visits my favourite Paris museum, the Musee de la Chasse et Nature.

IMG_9953 IMG_9943

Next Trough…

30 10 2016


Coming up in Melbourne on November 27th.


4 08 2016


Above, more of the always-arresting artwork for Melbourne’s Trough X party and after the break, a (NSFW) photo-essay from new Thai gay arts collective Supper and the promotional image from this weekend’s Beach Bear party in Taipei.

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Summer fun

9 06 2016


As Summer spreads around the Northern Hemisphere, New York house club Body & Soul touched down in Hong Kong (pathetically, I didn’t go), Taiwan is hosting a gay beach party in the first week of July and Tokyo is gearing up for its “Bear Week”at the same time with a bonus visit from Francois Sagat to the FancyHim party on June 25th.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 8.36.32 PM


Down under meanwhile, the Vivid Festival has been lighting up Sydney with its now trademark projections onto the Opera House, plus a storming DJ set from Bjork and an equally storming actual storm, which saw monster waves sweep over multi-million dollar harbourside mansions. One woman’s marble swimming pool was washed out to sea. An acerbic Facebook friend of mine remarked, “Where will she keep her diamonds cool in the summertime now?”

bjork-digital-sydney-2016-15_zpsezlpjpxa img_1431_zps6bmyrepw

Cartoon world

9 04 2016


Anime top from korean brand Pushbutton at recent Seoul Fashion Week. Below, scenes from Melbourne’s Genki “queer Asian” party.


And artwork from Dutch sculptor Peter Jansen.

img_9885_zpsl8n0aume img_9886_zpsbzq8izdo

Just missed it

14 01 2016

We missed this “only in Tokyo” house-music-and-tuna-beheading-dance/sushi-party  while we were up in the mountains. An article about it is below:

Whether it’s a doner kebab in Berlin, chicken-and-chips in South London, or pizza in Brooklyn, the post-club snack is an essential ritual. But what if you could get your sustenance right there on the dancefloor?

Not content with having the most Michelin stars of any city across the world, Tokyo is now bringing restaurant-quality fare to its nightclubs, with the food itself as the headline booking.

Tokyo’s gastronomic clubbing craze kicked off in 2012 with Techno Udon, which today brings in over a thousand punters a time, each stepping barefoot on noodles to the steady march of a four-four beat. The event was conceived as a clever response to Japan’s infamous fueiho laws, which restrict dancing in clubs and bars. “If police come to crack down on us for dancing, we can say, ‘We’re just making udon!'” Shinri Tezuka, the event’s main organizer, told the Wall Street Journal in 2014.

The idea has since spread to Macho Mochi Night, upcoming in January, where people will celebrate the New Year with a most traditional combination of rice cakes, bodybuilders and EDM…

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