Southeast Asia Weird

17 05 2017


In just about the least horrifying news out of Indonesia this week (scroll up) , the decomposing body of a “sea monster” washed up on one of its beaches. It is, most likely, the carcass of a whale.


Meanwhile Bangkok experienced a new food fad, with a bakery in Pathum Thani gaining online fame for this adorable/creepy dog-shaped coconut puddings. Can’t wait to eat on of these puppies…literally.


And finally in Singapore, a new “vending machine” for luxury cars opened in the form of an arrestingly designed showroom where with the flick of a switch you can “select” the car you want to test.


New sensation

18 02 2017

Trash Dove GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Thailand led the world in embracing internet-sensation-du-jour, the headbanging “trash dove” – now more sinisterly co-opted by white nationalists online.

Tuesday night TST

12 10 2016


This week I ventured to the thronged streets of Tsim Sha Tsui, among the crowds and bright lights, to the venerable old Spring Deer restaurant. With its shabby floral wallpaper and blinking neon sign outside of net curtains and white-jacketed elderly waiters, the Spring Deer has been the go-to place for Peking duck for decades. The occasion was a friend’s birthday and we drank beer and ate peanuts (as well as the aforementioned duck) and the mystery dish above…sauteed pig’s windpipe with coriander. Not particularly flavorsome, but chewy – although the coriander was nice.


Jet-so Jetsons

2 10 2016


Kam Mong, the Wong Kar Wai-esque late-night cha chaan teng I discovered recently in Mongkok’s seedy Portland street sex district has a new attraction:  1950s-style busty robo-waitresses! Expect a full report soon…


Taichung quirky: Pop culture makes the world go round

21 09 2016

img_6636202_zps7gbplqae img_6637202_zpsytqsurtk

Taichung’s very own Daft Punk impersonator at the stunning new Opera House. Below, a statue of World of Warcraft character Arthus, who at first glance I mistook for a Chinese deity, placed misleadingly outside a Confucian temple. Below, a fan-made Ghibli bus stop near the Feng jia night market.

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Big trouble in little Thailand

6 06 2016


Dozens of dead tiger cubs in a black market temple racket, a winged penis, Thailand’s scariest road and a Latin food festival and a Southeast Asian literary salon in the latest Bangkok roundup…

Asia Weird

15 12 2015

This week around Asia:


BANGKOK’s very own Batman got busted for speeding his batmobile along the city’s always crowded freeways – a somehow perfectly surreal turn of events for the world’s most comicbook-like city.


JAKARTA sewer cleaners unearthered a shroud-like cloth containing monkey bones, leading to fears that a “Pocong”, a much-feared Indonesian spirit that takes the form a shroud-bound corpse, was on the loose.

HONG KONG celebrities ate Kentucky Fried Chicken at an awards ceremony.


And in MANILA, a call for volunteers to help restore the city’s most beautiful building.

OUTER SPACE: A distant star and its orbiting planets received names from Thai folklore. Now all that remains is to find life in the “crocodile tears” constellation to set into motion a Ramkien space-opera!