He’s got the look

18 04 2017


Discussed this weekend with a visiting Shanghai fashionista, the PRC’s look du jour – boys in skinny sweat pants, big colourful Kenzo sweaters, and an MCM backpack. Its the complete package.

6 03 2017


Ambition, by Chen Fei.

The nightmare/dream world of Chen Fei

6 03 2017


NSFW after the jump

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New sensation

12 02 2017

He has got the voice of an angel, the looks of a K-pop idol and an octave range to bother Mariah Carey: Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergenov is the breakout star of this season of China’s hugely popular singing contest “I Am A Singer.” The series has cannily adjusted the usual X Factor format to pit professional, established singers from across the Chinese speaking world against each other, bringing with them their various fan-bases and offering the singers the chance to hit the RMB jackpot on the Mainland. So there are Taiwanese rockers, HK balladeers and the hitherto unknown-outside-of-Central-Asia Dimash who wowed the world’s biggest country with his inaugural performance of a song by Russian singer Vitas (above) and instantly established himself as the one to beat. I’ll be cheering for him.

She’s still got it…

15 01 2017


The glorious return of a fashion icon, as Faye Wong serves some classic Faye looks at her 2016 Shanghai concert (which was also filmed for VR release).

img_4947img_4946 img_4950

Mr Gay China

15 01 2017


A list of gay Chinese it-boys; be prepared for lots of very fake-looking photos though…

Fifty shades of grey

14 01 2017

After a notably warm winter, the cold finally descended on Hong Kong this week, together with the grey. A cloud of pollution which had covered swathes of the mainland blew South, although it wasn’t as bad as in Guangdong and Shanghai.


In one village, a rare bird of prey fell out of the skies, exhausted, after it had been unable to spot prey through the thick grey smog clouds.

The skies have now cleared somewhat, but the forecast is for rain all weekend… a good weekend for snuggling in bed until 1pm, lazing on the couch under a blanket and reading Andres Neuman or Junichiro Tanizaki in cafes in Shek Tong Tsui.