23 02 2017


Lost in translation

18 02 2017


The Japanese character for pork 豚 translates as “dolphin” in Chinese!

Tokyo boys by Ryan Chan

18 02 2017

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Taiwan’s new year for marriage equality

26 01 2017


Taiwan’s Equal Love campaign has launched this ad for the Chinese New Year, featuring two members of a male couple (in matching sweaters) celebrating the occasion separately with their families and fielding the classic CNY question – double edged in this context – “When will you get married?”


22 01 2017

15 01 2017


Hipster food heaven

30 12 2016


Smith Street’s Neko Neko vegan ramen, Annoying brother espresso and the logo for Chalawan, the new Thai cocktail bar by the management of Bangkok “it bar” Hyde, named after the legendary Thai crocodile king.

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