1 02 2016


Hanoi’s turtle trouble..

25 01 2016

Australia’s ABC reports:

A giant turtle considered sacred in Vietnam and venerated as a symbol of the country’s independence struggle has died, according to state media.

The turtle’s death prompted an outpouring of grief and stoked fears it boded ill for an upcoming Communist leadership handover.

The reptile, a critically endangered Swinhoe’s softshell turtle occupies a key mythological role in Vietnam, and in the past the turtle generally surfaced only rarely, with its sightings deemed auspicious.

Full story here


Just missed it

14 01 2016

We missed this “only in Tokyo” house-music-and-tuna-beheading-dance/sushi-party  while we were up in the mountains. An article about it is below:

Whether it’s a doner kebab in Berlin, chicken-and-chips in South London, or pizza in Brooklyn, the post-club snack is an essential ritual. But what if you could get your sustenance right there on the dancefloor?

Not content with having the most Michelin stars of any city across the world, Tokyo is now bringing restaurant-quality fare to its nightclubs, with the food itself as the headline booking.

Tokyo’s gastronomic clubbing craze kicked off in 2012 with Techno Udon, which today brings in over a thousand punters a time, each stepping barefoot on noodles to the steady march of a four-four beat. The event was conceived as a clever response to Japan’s infamous fueiho laws, which restrict dancing in clubs and bars. “If police come to crack down on us for dancing, we can say, ‘We’re just making udon!'” Shinri Tezuka, the event’s main organizer, told the Wall Street Journal in 2014.

The idea has since spread to Macho Mochi Night, upcoming in January, where people will celebrate the New Year with a most traditional combination of rice cakes, bodybuilders and EDM…

Rest of the article here.

Face Off: the magic and mystery of the Japanese mask

12 01 2016

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Slow and steady wins the race

12 01 2016


A regular sight on the streets of the Tsukushima neighbourhood , this man taking his Saharan tortoise on its daily walk.

Ride a white horse

9 01 2016

Banana vending machine

6 01 2016



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