Gay sound

2 07 2017

It’s going to be a fun, sweaty Summer.

Have Fun Tonight

21 06 2017

The return of a Northern star

10 06 2017


The ravishing, spectral beauty of Susanne Sundfor’s “Memorial”. What a song and what a talent! And below, the first track from her forthcoming new album “Music for People in Trouble”, titled “Undercover”.

A Brazilian Summer (in Hong Kong)

10 06 2017

More MPB from Mallu Magalhaes (above), Barbara Eugenia and Silva featuring the beautiful voice of old favourite Fernanda Takai.

Earth intruders

28 05 2017

All around the world

25 05 2017

African beats from Johannesubrg’s Batuk, and a Southern Sudanese-themed video.

The return of Thai pop star, Palmy.

And below, Japan’s Wednesday Campanella on the Mongolian steppes for “Melos”

You’re no good

21 05 2017

One of the big names of young Brazilian music, Mallu Magalhães, is back with a lovely, summery and surprisingly traditional-sounding bossa nova number, Você Não Presta (You’re no good). The song also prompted me to go back to one of my old favourites of hers, Velha e Louca, below: