Sai Yoshiko: sound of the seventies

18 04 2017

Cult 1974 album from the then-twenty year old Japanese “acid folk” singer.

Tokyo mixtape

11 04 2017

Excuse me…

3 04 2017

…I just have to explode.

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

13 03 2017

New world star

6 03 2017


Portuguese producer Branko is part Manu Chao, part Diplo. While his former group Buraka Som Sistema took Angola’s kuduro music to the Europe MTV Awards stage, new album Atlas matches glitchy electronic beats with guest artists from Brazil and South Africa, amongst other places, to create a tapestry of modern world sound.



Age of Aquarius

28 02 2017

Kleber Mendonça Filho’s “Neighbouring Sounds” was a strange, understated tale of deeply submerged injustice played out on the sunny streets of an upper-middle class beach-side suburb of Recife.

The same theme and setting is explored again in “Aquarius.” This time though the director’s trademark light touch, so powerful in his last film, underwhelms. It is all so subtly and slowly unwound that I found myself wondering where the story was in endless scenes of Sonia Braga letting her hair down and listening to 1970s Brazilian records in her lovely oceanside apartment. There are also rambling flashbacks and passing mentions of unexplored plot points, metaphors for cancer and gay sons, flutteringly light social commentary and surprising sex scenes. But what there is not is any sense of tension or excitement, or – in the end – meaning.

It did have one powerful and unexpected side effect though. The boyfriend was inspired to go out and buy a vinyl record player!

Moonlight orchestra

23 02 2017

This track, The Middle of the World, is a highlight of the sumptuous classical score of Moonlight. The much-heralded black gay arthouse sensation also incorporates a performance by Janelle Monae, a song by Caetano Veloso and a flurry of references to Wong Kar Wai, to name just three of this blog’s favourite people.