All around the world

25 05 2017

African beats from Johannesubrg’s Batuk, and a Southern Sudanese-themed video.

The return of Thai pop star, Palmy.

And below, Japan’s Wednesday Campanella on the Mongolian steppes for “Melos”

You’re no good

21 05 2017

One of the big names of young Brazilian music, Mallu Magalhães, is back with a lovely, summery and surprisingly traditional-sounding bossa nova number, Você Não Presta (You’re no good). The song also prompted me to go back to one of my old favourites of hers, Velha e Louca, below:

What an experience

16 05 2017

Day glo trippin’ : When K-Pop takes drugs

10 05 2017

Glamour queen

10 05 2017

Early Summer

7 05 2017

Summer songs

1 05 2017


Spring has well and truly broken with a Summer on its way. On the way home from work I hear birds playing and fighting in the trees, darting out of shrubs flying after each other in hot pursuit, while magpie chicks in dowdy foliage scratch in the grass. In the morning I am woken by a symphony of bird calls, and the long-missing night heron is back in the Wong Chuk Hang canal.

On the streets of Mong Kok this long weekend, pecs were bared in tank tops and people ambled amid the pungent smell of stinky tofu in bared legs and arms, sweating and happy in the sun.

And what better soundtrack to all of this than samba? Rapper Criolo has released a new samba record, available to download for free in its entirety at his website, the sound of a new Summer.