Bang Saen beach getaway

4 12 2016


Thai fash mag Volume does a fun fashion story to celebrate one of the country’s original beach resort success stories, Bang Saen. The closest stretch of sand to Bangkok, Bang Saen was developed in the 196os as a holiday resort before being overshadowed by Pattaya and then Phuket. It is still popular with domestic tourists however, and it does boast a midcentury-style “heritage hotel” and a handsome young mayor, both of whom appear in this editorial.

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Hong Kong – Melbourne -Bangkok nights

1 12 2016


Above in Hong Kong at Odd One Out this week, with an opening party tomorrow night. And below, a flyer for Melbourne’s upcoming Trough Party.


In Bangkok meanwhile, a brand new attraction opened this week. The “talad neon” or “neon market” at Pratunam, here rendered as a Tron-like nocturnal playground, is aimed to replace the much-mourned former Night bazaar in Silom, but it will be only the latest in a string of (so far failed) attempts to recapture its tawdry night-time glory.


Serpents, supper and spirits

7 11 2016


Even as Bangkok continues in its black-robed mourning period for the late King, life is returning to the capital in the form of hot upcountry boys courtesy of local photographers Supper, a ghost scare around the temple Wat Samian Nari and the opening of a new suburban”serpentarium“.


Tropical temple

20 10 2016


Luis Barragan meets Preah Vihear at the luxe new spa-resort, The Barai, near Hua Hin in Thailand.


17 10 2016


It is the end of an era – quite literally – and perhaps even a golden age for Thailand, with the passing away of King Rama IX. What comes next is slightly scary, but with the military junta promising a return to democracy next year, and without the much-respected former king on the throne, things could once again get very messy…

For now though, Thais are largely united in grief. The much-loved king, a sometimes saxophonist and rabid Elvis Presley fan, booster of the rural poor and incarnation of Vishnu, a man who had rescued the Chakri dynasty after the untimely death of his brother and brought it hitherto-unknown status, has left behind a grieving country. And a new king.

Thailand’s Teen Giant

2 10 2016

Thai movie “Teen Giant”, still in production, has taken a leaf out of Percy Jackson’s book. It aims to keep Thai mythology alive by bringing it to a new, younger audience. Following a now-familiar plotline, a schoolboy who has always suffered from being “different” discovers the key to his true identity, that he is descended from a legendary beast – in this case the fierce yaksha giants who guard Thai temples. Embracing his true self, he is pitted into a battle against other creatures from the Thai netherworld, played out against a contemporary Bangkok backdrop. Looking forward to it!

Pink flamingoes

5 09 2016


A friend recently posted pictures of this mall in Thailand – FN Mall in Cha-am – complete with lush tropical greenery, huge stand-alone mirrors, plastic flamingoes and dinosaurs with painted flamingoes on them! Amazingly kitsch. I love it.