Meanwhile in Bangkok …

28 03 2015

The “murder” of a movie star gay cat.

Yet another ( see here and here) Thai low cost cosplay fashion icon.

Bangkok Hi So

20 03 2015

Bangkok’s hi so (high society) has had a busy week of scandal. The launching of the city’s first lamborghini taxi service got tongues wagging (it turned out to be a promo for a reality TV show Hi So Life, in which wealthy Bangkokians work in blue collar jobs, eg taxi driver for a day).

Following this was the all-too-legitimate announcement of a “sexy plumber service” for penthouse apartments for which repairmen were vetted for their looks.

And as if to top it off, the announcement of a Thai version of Gossip Girl to start filming soon.

Bangkok hipster

9 03 2015

It was another happening week in Bangkok, with Studio Lam’s “Awesome cassettes from Africa” party celebrating old skool African sounds culled from the casette markets of Nigeria, Congo and Ivory Coast. Meanwhile, Gene Kasidit had a new single, casting herself as a transgendered Mrs Madrigal offering solace to Bangkok’s beautiful star-crossed losers in love.

And finally this exhibition opened, “Build Your own Bangkok”, celebrating the niches, subcultures and stereotypes of this most intriguing of metropolises.

According to the official blurb at WTF gallery: The large and stunningly detailed drawings are accompanied by a Field Guide which visitors can use to spot uniquely Bangkokian species in their natural habitats. Learn about the different types of sexpats, their distinguishing characteristics, and see where you can spot them in the drawings. Explore the symbiotic relationship between Khao Sarn Road backpackers and the jaded vendors who cater to their whims. Observe the migratory habits of Chinese tour groups and see how many unique varieties of Sleeping Old Man you can spot in Chinatown. A small pop-up shop celebrates the materialism that makes Bangkok Bangkok, and an interactive display invites visitors to reconstruct the city according to their wildest visions.

Just another week in the Big Mango.

The amazing Pangina

10 02 2015

Ratchaburi: New Art City

1 02 2015

The provincial Thai city of Ratchaburi is in the middle of a surprising evolution. From sleepy country burg, it is transforming, pitching itself as a vibrant art centre. And even more surprisingly, it seems to be working. Eighty kilometres from Bangkok, the city has recently hosted a striking socially-conscious citywide photography project celebrating its construction workers, had its riverbanks painted by top Thai street artists, opened a new “art cafe”, a museum in a charming restored building and a modern art centre featuring the signature work of one of the country’s hottest artists.

Lolay, aka Thaweesak Srithongdee, is an illustrator and sculptor. His gigantic anime-inspired sculpture, Dollar, greeted me on one of my earlier trips to Bangkok, perched outside the city’s Bangkok Art and Culture Centre as the Skytrain monorail and streams of traffic buzzed past. It struck me then as iconic – a wide eyed and potent symbol of a city dreaming, emerging pristine from the traffic fumes. It seemed startlingly new. ¬†With blank yet all-seeing eyes, the sculpture resembled an enormous Akira-age cyborg from some twenty-second century version of Bangkok, yet still imbued with a traditional Buddhist calm. On later visits, I was surprised to see the statue had gone – I didn’t realise it was a temporary exhibition – and wondered where it had been taken. The answer, it turns out, is Ratchaburi. Dollar now sits in the city in the garden of the Tao Hong Tai Ceramics centre, (although its power is somewhat diminished by the garden setting which robs the image its calm-in-the-chaos contrast.) Still though, its a great piece.

Another striking site for artistic innovation in Ratchaburi is the bakery of Kittiwat Unarrom, famous for his fabulously macabre “human bread”. Amazing. I’m not sure if this one is still open though. Sadly, I have heard rumours that it has closed.

Hundreds of cats to be crushed in building demolition

28 01 2015

Coconuts Bangkok reports on the tragic fate in store for hundreds of stray cats who have Murakami-esquely taken over an empty apartment block in Bangkok.

Cute Thai

27 01 2015

Video for the domestic market by Thailand Tourism Authority encouraging travellers to “discover Thainess”. According to, the clip features

“a matronly, monotone voice that sounds out of an old documentary film breaks down all the Thai things to do, eat, visit, see and buy in this land of Thais.
“Have Thai breakfast. Eat Thai sausage, Thai poached egg, Thai pancake, and stop … pay respect to Thai national anthem … then go eat Pad Thai and Thai fried frog.”


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