City wild

11 08 2017


The ever-reliable Coconuts Bangkok site reports on attempts to put “Uncle Fatty,” a notoriously chubby suburban monkey, on a diet here.

Meanwhile, a restaurant has been busted serving endangered species to Chinese tourists. The Luang To To restaurant was found to be serving cobras, andangered soft shell turtles and pangolin meat to its guests. This follows on from the revelations of tiger meat being served in the city a few years ago.

Deer tears

11 08 2017


Artist Sakarin Krue-On explores the sad true story of the Schomburgk’s deer in his new exhibition at the Tang Gallery, “A Talebearer’s Tale”. The species once ranged throughout central Thailand until it was declared extinct in 1938. Today only one specimen survives, stuffed and mounted in the museum of natural history in Paris.

Day 9 Rot Fai Park 6am

29 07 2017


My early morning jogs in Rot Fai park have been one of the revelations of this trip; my run this morning was a virtual safari with a near-attack from a gaggle of over-excited geese, almost tripping over a lumbering monitor lizard and another trip down the “Squirrel avenue” of trees alive with darting furry shapes.

IMG_4884[1] IMG_4921[1]IMG_4917[1]

Life on the streets

15 07 2017


The visitors

10 06 2017

Recently I noticed some new faces – a twittering flock of tiny black-winged swallows, perhaps arrived back from the South China Seas from their wintering grounds, circling amid the neon signs of Aberdeen, and nesting under the shophouse eaves.

I also saw a strange creature in the canal – a jellyfish, literally a creature from another world. It was a huge white billowing creature, larger than a human head, pulsing silently upstream at high tide where the canal empties into the sea.

The interlopers

28 05 2017


On my way home from work one day this week I heard a raucous, strident noise and looked up to the skies above the Aberdeen harbour where a flock of feral cockatoos were screeching across the straits from Ap Lei Chau, five or six of them. As with the parrots of Kowloon park they are an exotic species, presumably a band of escapees, who have now made themselves firmly at home in Hong Kong.

IMG_0759IMG_0705 IMG_0763 IMG_0767

I also noticed another exotic species this week. The city’s “Cotton trees” dropped their seedpods to disperse clouds of snow-like white fluffy material over streets like “Cotton Drive” and “Cotton Tree Road.” Although firmly entrenched in the city, the species (also known as ‘kapok’) is originally from Central America.

New Interpretation of the Paradoxical World

8 04 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 11.35.03 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 11.38.44 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 11.38.55 PM

Currently on show at Bangkok’s Nova gallery,  Narissara Pianwimungsa’s New Interpretation of the Paradoxical World.